ELEVEN charities across Warrington are to get a share of more than £230,000 of government money.

The vital support will help those badly hit by the pandemic.

The charities in Warrington are among more than 8,000 in England to be helped by the Government’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund (CCRF).

The money will help a wide range of causes working on the front line of the pandemic, from the Warrington Disability Partnership (WDP) to the Steps Charity which is providing support, information and practical help for children and adults affected by lower limb conditions.

Who is getting the money?

The Full list of organisations in Warrington South that have received funding via the Coronavirus Community Support Fund:

  •  Footsteps 2000 Limited (£9,800)
  •  Warrington Youth for Christ (£9,940)
  •  The PCC of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Wilfrid Grappenhall (£9,700)
  •  The Lymm Sanctuary Hub Limited (£9,060)
  •  Walton Lea Partnership Ltd (£7,892)
  •  Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation (£9,480)
  •  Room at the Inn and the ‘Y’ Project (£9,048)
  •  Steps Charity worldwide (£34,504)
  •  Warrington Disability Partnership (£40,000)
  •  Gateway (Warrington) Ltd (£73,224)
  •  Agida C.I.C. (£23,163)

What have the charities said?

Dave Thompson, chief executive of WDP, welcomed the funding after its biggest event, Disability Awareness Day has to be cancelled in the summer.

He said: “I’m delighted that the partnership has received this funding, it will help to fill huge gaps in our finances as we navigate our way through the coronavirus pandemic, helping keep disabled staff in jobs and help us to continuing our work through virtual platforms such as the Disability Awareness Day.

“In normal times we would be attending and/or hold around 170 community and fundraising events a year which would create a significant amount of revenue to put back into the organisation, allowing us to keep providing information, advice, guidance and support to the people that need it the most.”

National coordinator of Steps Charity Therese McCann said: “This is very welcome news for Steps, the funding will allow us to maintain our services throughout the pandemic, supporting our helpline and keeping staff in employment.

“We have to adapt our services in light of coronavirus, providing online discussion forums, webinars and continuing to provide family contact services where we engage with those that need our help and guidance. The money has helped us innovate and provide vital support to those suffering with lower limb conditions.”

Lynne Bennet, centre manager of the Gateway on Sankey Street, added: “Our project, considers the changes that have had to be made to accommodate the considerations around C19, but also the changes in the way the community accesses services and how in the development of digital environments, many people with significant barriers can be left behind.

“We intend to continue and expand on creating a space where these members of our community can navigate what they need and find the people and services that can make a meaningful difference and work towards reducing their challenges. This project is a new take on existing work and adapting to more inclusive and accepting ways of working.

“Whilst things may not be back to normal for a while, thanks to this funding we are able to support our tenants in their important work, help organisations run training sessions, support vital groups to meet in a C19 secure environment and enable access to information, advice and support for Warrington residents.”

How has Warrington South MP Andy Carter helped?

Andy Carter MP for Warrington South said: “Throughout this pandemic I have lobbied the Government to support our community and charitable organisations to ensure that they can continue to support the fight against the Coronavirus. But crucially, so they will still be able to operate after the pandemic has passed.

“From speaking to some of the charities that have benefited, it is great to hear that the money will help maintain activities and services which support so many people across Warrington and the country. In addition, the funding will help the charities retain jobs and adapt their organisations in light of the pandemic.”