A WARRINGTON MP has visited a company in her constituency which is doing all it can to combat Covid transmission in classrooms, throughout the UK.

Birchwood-based Flamefast is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of CO2 monitors, currently being fitted in classrooms to measure levels of CO2. Fresh air plays a significant role in keeping the virus at bay indoors, and that poor air quality could be highlighted with the use of a CO2 monitor.

“Current government guidance to schools is to open windows and doors and that thermal comfort is secondary to ventilation,” said Flamefast MD Jane Warburton. “However during winter, by creating a better working environment for children, there is an increase in learning ability. CO2 monitoring, using a simple traffic light indicator, will help that. “

Warrington North MP Charlotte Nichols called the scheme a ‘very good thing’.

“Anything we can do mitigate against the threat of Covid transmission in classrooms is a very good thing”, added Ms Nichols. “Where a classroom is poorly ventilated children are at risk.”

For more information visit flamefast-gas-safety.co.uk/covid