Trying to keep active during this second national lockdown?

The current restriction require everyone in England to stay at home unless it is for a specific reason

However, we can still exercise outdoors in lockdown meaning we can explore the most beautiful walking routes in and around Warrington.

There are some truly fantastic walking routes in the area; not only do they allow you to keep active, they also let you explore places in the area which you might not have visited before.

You can embark on these walks with the people you live with, or you can meet up with one person from another household.

Wrap up warm and put your walking boots on, because here are five walking routes to embark on during this autumn lockdown:

Delamere Way

Warrington Guardian: Delamere ForestDelamere Forest

(Photo: Geograph/ Steven Craven)

If you are looking for a real challenge and a day out in nature, then take on the Delamere Way walking route.

On this trail you will follow rights of way and quiet roads from Frodsham to Warrington via the Delamere Forest Path.

The terrain itself is relatively easy to walk along but you will need good stamina to manage the 21 mile route.

Delamere Forest is a highlight of the journey and is home to more than 2,400 acres of trees and greenery.

Moore Nature Reserve

This nature reserve once stood as sand and gravel quarries. Since then, they have been landscaped and plants have been allowed to bloom.

It’s only around four miles long and can be completed in less than two hours.

This walk begins just off Chester Road on Taylor Street and sees you loop back on yourself.

During the walk, you will journey across the Runcorn and Latchford Canal and various other beauty spots.

You can view this walking route online.

Blakeley Farm and Culcheth Linear Park

Warrington Guardian: Culcheth Linear ParkCulcheth Linear Park

(Photo: Geograph/Richard Cooke)

This brisk walk should only take around 30 minutes to complete- but there is plenty to see on the journey.

The circular route starts and ends at Culcheth Linear Park’s car park.

Blakely Farm is one destination on the route and you will be walking through grassy fields throughout the journey.

You can find the complete map of this walking route online.

The Croft Great Circular

In the mood for a ten mile walk one autumn morning?

This route starts at either the Horseshoe Inn or the General Elliot pub, which are currently closed for lockdown.

On this mammoth walk, you will find yourself walking through the beautiful Croft countryside.

Southworth Hall Farm and Culcheth Linear Park are just some notable destinations on the route.

You can find this complete walking route on the Croft Parish Cheshire website.

Spud Wood

This scenic route should take less than an hour to complete- but you should allow yourself more time in order to take in the stunning countryside views.

The terrain is mainly flat and there are no stiles, making it ideal for wheelchair users and people with push chairs.

The route starts at Pepper Street car park and continues onto Oughtrington Lane.

Warrington Guardian: The footbridge to Spud WoodThe footbridge to Spud Wood

(Photo: Geograph/Ian Greig)

Woodland Trust’s Spud Wood is the most scenic part of the route and you will encounter plenty of woodland and meadows.

You can find the entire route map on the website.