A 24-YEAR-old who assaulted police officers in a drunken state at Warrington Hospital has avoided serving an immediate prison sentence.

Samuel Grundy appeared in Warrington Magistrates' Court on Wednesday after spitting, swearing and assaulting members of Warrington police force last month.

The court heard how Grundy, of Lowton, had been driving on Lythgoes Lane on September 19 when he swerved off the road, allegedly to avoid another vehicle.

He was breathalysed at the scene and was found in possession of cannabis.

Once arrested, Grundy was taken to Warrington Hospital to provide a specimen of blood, which he refused to supply.

Magistrates were told how his behaviour was 'volatile' and included trying to bite a police officer, grabbing an officer by the crotch and punching a further officer to the head.

The prosecution added that he had also managed to bite through an oxygen tube.

Grundy also appeared charged with failing to comply with the notification requirements of the Sex Offenders Register in July.

Serena Mawson said her client had been under the influence of alcohol and could not recall the events.

She continued that Grundy knew the behaviour was not acceptable and suffers with mental health problems.

Ms Mawson added that he had had not taken down the date he needed to register his address on the Sex Offenders Register but did complete this by the start of August.

Magistrates sentenced Grundy to six months, suspended for 18 months.

He must also complete 20 days of a rehabilitation activity requirement and is disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Grundy will need to pay a total of £600 in compensation to the officers.