A POPULAR Warrington Market trader became a pop star for the day when she appeared in a music video to give viewers some light relief from the stresses and strains of the Covid-19 era.

Eileen Fleming, owner of PJ's Jewellers, features in 'Follow the Sun'.

It is part of a National Association of Markets (NABMA) scheme to shine a light on the pressures that independent traders have been facing since March while also simply brightening people's days in uncertain times.

Inspired by Vera Lynn's famous line – 'We’ll meet again some sunny day' – the uplifting song was written and performed by The Oven Ready Band.

Eileen was one of numerous market traders from all over the country that took up the invitation to become part of the remote online choir.

During the lockdown, she sent over a recording of her singing the chorus and also a clip for the video which was then professionally produced.

She said: "It was lovely because I had a pool out at the time because it was hot. I was in a diamond ring-shaped rubber ring and I was bobbing up and down in my pool singing it.

"Life might be rubbish at the moment but you've got to find ways to be happy and do your best.

"My son James helped me with the video. He's only 14 but he's a technical whiz kid. He made me sound great. But it was surreal to see the video at the end.

"I used to sing years ago. My sister Elaine and I won a north west schools songwriting so it's been a part of my life. I gave up years ago so to get back to it was great."

Former Warrington Market manager Stephen Pickering spearheaded the project.

He added: “This was never really intended to be an advert to shop at markets, but more of a way to show the comradery and warmth of traders and staff within the industry, who work tirelessly to provide their market service to the public.

Warrington Guardian:

Eileen, right, at PJ's

“When I retired from Warrington Market, I created a similar music video involving market staff, to highlight mental health issues and encourage people to talk about their problems. That track, called Dancing in the Shadows, has received more than two million views so far.”

NABMA has been active throughout the pandemic supporting market operators through the crisis and changing restrictions.

David Preston, NABMA chief executive, said: “It has been great to see people coming together in this way and we have certainly discovered some talented performers. This has brought a little bit of fun during what has been an otherwise anxious period for the market industry”.