A CHURCH in Orford is set to be demolished in order to build new homes.

An application for planning permission has been submitted over proposals that would see the former Community of Christ Church on Fitzherbert Street – which is currently vacant and described as being in a ‘run down condition’ – bulldozed.

The property, which was first constructed in 1954 and later extended, was advertised for sale for a price of £140,000 earlier this year.

Four three-bedroom semi-detached houses would be built in its place, coming complete with eight car parking spaces.

Submission documents stated: “The introduction of four family-sized dwellings would be in-keeping with the prevailing type of housing in the local area.

“This arrangement would broadly echo most of the frontages that characterise existing properties along both sides of Fitzherbert Street.

“Consequently, no visual disharmony would result.

“As a result, the proposal would blend in seamlessly with its residential setting.

“The proposed layout shows that each new house would stand within a good-sized plot with private gardens and adequate space around the sides of the new buildings.

“The proposal would boost the supply and widen the choice of housing in a mainly residential area, to which very significant weight should be given in support of the application.

“That contribution would be at an appropriate density and in a way that would be in keeping with the residential character of the local area.”