AFTER a magical Christmas proposal, this lucky Warrington couple tied the knot with their family and friends just months before the coronavirus pandemic.

Names: Karis and Chris Peers

Ages: 23 and 36

Live: Birchwood

Where did you meet?

We met in January 2017 in work.

It was my first day and we got sat next to each other at a meeting.

Chris went out to buy a drink and asked if I wanted anything – he knew I didn’t feel too well so he came back with a drink and some cold and flu tablets for me.

Our friendship grew from there.

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Before the big day:

We are both extremely family orientated and care so much for other people.

We laugh at the same things.

We had matching tattoos before we even met, everything just seemed so natural, we were friends and extremely close for a couple of months before we got in a relationship but the love grew more and more every day until it was hard to deny anymore.

We had our gorgeous little baby boy on December 1, 2018 and I guess it was just the right time to finally get engaged.

The proposal:

We got engaged on Christmas morning in 2018.

Chris had a plan to put my ring in its box with the baby and let me find it, however our little man had other plans and decided to get upset and start crying before Chris got the chance.

As I picked up our baby and turned around, Chris was down on one knee with the ring in his hand.

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The wedding:

We got married on November 24, 2019 at the Marriott Hotel in Liverpool.

We were supposed to be getting married in November 2020 in Mexico but we luckily changed the wedding to be in the UK so we could have everyone we loved there.

Most people say they are nervous on the morning of their wedding but I was just so excited to finally become Mrs Peers I wasn’t nervous at all, I just couldn’t wait.

Our wedding was eventful to say the least but I got everything I ever wanted and that’s all that matters.

My dress was the first thing we actually bought. It took around four months to find the dress, two weeks after that we found the bridesmaid dresses, and as usual the men were last.

I’m sure they only got their suits a week before the actual day.

We had around 60 guests at the day time and the evening was around 100.

We served food for the wedding breakfast and we had seasonal soup, lamb shank and cheesecake, then for the evening we had a buffet with chicken goujons, mini pizza and lots of other nibbles.

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Favourite moments:

My favourite memories of the wedding day was definitely our little boy going down the aisle in his Bentley remote control car in a tuxedo and the photos outside in front of St George’s Hall.

The honeymoon:

Our little boy’s birthday was the week after the wedding so we didn’t go away anywhere, we just had a week off work and spent lots of time doing activities with him for his birthday and searching for our new house.

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