THIS week in Yester Years, we are taking you back in time on the buses.

Transport enthusiast and author John Robinson is returning to his home town next week after a long absence.

And to mark the occasion, he has shared one of the many photographs in his extensive archive – showing a Warrington Borough Transport bus on Buttermarket Street in the town centre back in July 1979.

The Leyland Titan vehicle is pictured in the middle of its number two route from Orford to Dallam.

A Daimler Fleetline from the 29-31 batch is behind it on the number three route from Westy to Penketh.

John said: “I’m returning to my home town of Warrington next week after 51 years away.

“I used to work for Warrington Borough Council’s transport department and wrote the history of Warrington’s municipal trams & buses, which was published by Cheshire Libraries in 1987 - I have a massive collection of Warrington bus photos, many with the bus in its working environment.

“This picture is more a record of social history than just a photo of a bus.

“Do the women in the picture recognise themselves, or does someone else know who they are?

“The crew look extremely laidback as they survey their surroundings.”

If you recognise anyone on the picture email