BOTH of the town’s MPs have received assurances that evictions will not take place amid a local lockdown.

Strict new Government measures for Warrington came into force yesterday, Tuesday, to curb the spread of Covid-19.

In the House of Commons today, Labour’s Warrington North MP Charlotte Nichols questioned housing minister Christopher Pincher on the issue.

She said: “As of yesterday, Warrington North is subject to local lockdown.

“The Government has announced that bailiffs won’t evict in areas under local lockdown.

“But the eviction ban has been lifted and the guidance for bailiffs remains unpublished.

“Given that local lockdown guidance does not clearly rule out bailiff actions, what assurances can the minister give constituents of mine in the private rented sector anxious about losing their homes as we stand on the precipice of a second wave of this pandemic?”

Tory Mr Pincher reaffirmed that the Lord Chancellor has written to the bailiffs association to make ‘absolutely clear what their responsibilities are’.

He added: “Further guidance will be published in due course but we are absolutely clear, where there is a lockdown, where movement restrictions are in place, evictions should not take place.”

Meanwhile, Warrington South MP Andy Carter has stressed that the Government needs to ensure the safety of renters is balanced against landlords’ right to access their property, while continuing to protect public health.

Also in the House of Commons today, the Conservative politician asked for confirmation that nobody would be forced out of their home immediately while additional restrictions are in place across Warrington South.

The housing minister confirmed ‘no evictions will take place’ where there is a local lockdown, where movement restrictions are in place.

Mr Carter welcomed the comments, but added: “This is very good news for many worried about the threat of eviction across Warrington, but critically, landlords will have the protection to progress serious cases of anti-social behaviour.

“While we can’t have people forced out of their homes as a consequence of this pandemic, I speak to many landlords across Warrington South who rely on rents as their only source of income.

“Thankfully, for cases that are causing significant financial damage, whether it be crime or long-term rent mis payments, cases will be able to be dealt with appropriately.”