SHE has been writing music for more than half of her life but for Amelie Blake it will feel like stepping out of the shadows when her latest song comes out.

The Chapelford resident has spent her career as a ghost writer – creating music for advertising, trailers, TV and film.

But now she is preparing for the release of her debut single as an artist in her own right.

Let The Words Unfold will launch on September 18 when Amelie will realise her dream of becoming a singer-songwriter.

Describing herself as an introvert, it is a big step for the 33-year-old who has previously preferred to remain behind the scenes.

Amelie, influenced by the likes of Lianne La Havas, Tame Impala and Massive Attack, said: “I’ve got a really musical family and when I was younger I learnt how to harmonise and how to play guitar and tune guitar by ear.

“I learnt how to use music production software from a young age as well.

“I was writing my own music by the time I was 15 and then I started to do acoustic nights around Palmyra Square.

“I was never quite brave enough when I was younger to put myself out there as an artist so it was easier for me to just keep writing behind the scenes.

“I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone now and just going for it.

“I’ve been writing my music for release as an artist over the past few years. I’ve now got about seven tracks to release.

“I’m promoting my debut single online the best I can but it is quite hard with no one being able to gig at the moment. When the time is right I would like to get on stage.”

But even from the comfort of her home, some of Amelie’s work has been heard by millions.

Warrington Guardian:

The former Woolston High School student’s songs have been used by Netflix, Sky, BBC and ITV and have been featured in trailers for Andy Serkis’s Breathe, starring Andrew Garfield, and My Days of Mercy, with Kate Mara and Ellen Page.

Amelie sends songs to various major music publishers, including BMG, which can then be picked up for TV and film projects.

The singer, who was recently nominated for a Production Music Association award for her track, A Song For The Soul, added: “When you’re writing the music, you never know what’s going to be on.

“It’s always a nice surprise if you’ve found out it’s got on something like a big trailer. But the more you get out there, the more chance you have of getting on something.

“It’s not a case of thinking: ‘This would be perfect for a love story’ or ‘this would work for a drama’. It’s more about how I’m feeling at the time.

“I usually write in the early hours of the morning.

“Strangely, that’s when I have a spark of inspiration.”

Amelie also has to keep her eyes and ears open as she is often not told when her music has been picked up.

“You usually find out when someone you know has seen it on the telly and they ring you up,” she said.

“The first time I found out my music was in something big was when my dad rang while I was driving on the motorway.

“My husband was sat next to me and took the call and he said: ‘You’re on Breathe’.

“I started screaming I was that excited.

“The only other way you find out is when you get the money but that is six months to a year later. It’s a very long game.”

Let The Words Unfold will be released on September 18