PLANS to build a holiday park at an abandoned former military camp in Glazebrook have been with drawn.

Developers lodged to refurbish the Glazebrook Country Club with 11 holiday homes in May.

But the application was met with a storm of protest from residents concerned about over development of the site and the impact on traffic.

They said the roads are too narrow and were worried about the impact of extra cars on the village.

Warrington Borough Council confirmed the application was withdrawn on Monday.

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The land was part of HMS Gosling site in the 1940s and housed servicemen from the US and Canada during the Second World War.

When the club was de-militarised in the 1960s it became a country club, with two squash courts, gymnasium, sauna and bar/restaurant.

The club could hold up to 2,000 people and was known for its connection with a number of iconic celebrities including the Glen Miller band and Vera Lynn.

However in the 1990s the land was ransacked by travellers and the country club, which was a wedding venue and clay pigeon hub, was closed.

Planning documents state: "The area has maintained its significance attracting a large number of ex-service personnel and families who come to see the place that their friends and family members spent a large part of their military lives.

"Many of these are from North America and the application is for a holiday park to accommodate and educate visitors.

"In addition to the 11 park homes, there will be an educational building on the site. This will allow guest speakers to give talks on the former military bases of Warrington, hold meetings for visitors and provide indoor activities."

The Club House is not a subject of this planning application as its current planning status allows the building to operate as a Country Club offering leisure activities.

The developer said: "Under the current planning approval status we intend to renovate the premises and restore its former operations to suit the needs of a more modern clientele.

"Maintain a sustainable agricultural and environmental focus, we wish to compliment the rural location by establishing activities focusing around plant care and animal husbandry. This will provide outlet for a variety of client groups, prioritising ex-military who are able to pass on skills to young people seeking advancement in a variety of skills."