Pupils are set to head back to the classroom within weeks (as things currently stand) - and the thoughts of many parents will now turn to school uniforms.

With the days counting until the return to lessons, Aldi and Lidl have begun their own school uniform sales.

Here's a handy guide on what each supermarket are doing.

What are Lidl doing?

Warrington Guardian:

Lidl is selling a full school uniform for under a fiver.

The uniform essentials, which costs £4.00, includes a twin pack of 100 per cent cotton School Polo Shirts (£1.75), a warm and durable cotton rich Sweatshirt (£0.50), and either a pair of School Trousers, Shorts or a Skirt (£1.75).

Warrington Guardian:

The company say the range is made from high quality materials, meaning it is built to last – from first term to the summer holidays.

Parents can also pick up a range of other uniform necessities including a 100 per cent cotton School Cardigan (£3.49), a twin pack of short sleeve School Shirts (£2.49) and a School Pinafore (£2.99).

Lidl has kids PE needs sorted too, with the range also featuring a 2-pack of Sports Shorts (£2.99), School Joggers (£2.99) and Trainers (£5.99).

It’s not just uniform shoppers can pick up, as Lthe supermarket chain is also selling a range of stationary from classroom basics to arts and crafts essentials.

Warrington Guardian:

The range includes Maths and English Workbooks (99p), Pencil Cases (£4.99) and Stationary Sets (£2.99).

The products hit stores on Thursday, August 6.

What are Aldi doing?

Warrington Guardian:

Aldi have also begun to sell a range of back-to-school items online, but their in-store school uniform event begins on Thursday, August 13.

The first of which is their Lily and Dan Kids' Sweatshirt, available in red and navy for 50p each.

Girls and boys black trousers are also priced at £1.75 each.

Elsewhere, a two-pack of polo shirts for girls and boys, including in white and blue, will cost £1.75 each.

For more details from both supermarkets, vist lidl.co.uk and aldi.co.uk.