NEXT weekend marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Japan Day.

While not as well known as VE Day, it did spark a flurry of celebrations across Warrington as residents finally marked the end of the Second World War on August 15, 1945.

Some elements of life had returned to normal after VE Day, with Warrington Walking Day resuming on June 29.

On August 15 and 16, VJ celebrations took place across the town after news of the Japanese surrender.

In a mirror to today, rugby league returned to Wilderspool Stadium after a six-year lapse.

And the crowds came flocking back too.

While also on August 18, a ceremony was held at the Town Hall with presentation of a bronze plaque to the town by commander of USAAF base at Burtonwood acknowledging welcome given to the Americans by the town

An account of the events in Warrington Guardian Year Book for 1946 recorded: “The year 1945 is one that will be remembered.

“It brought many numerous occasions.

“With the rest of the nation Warrington celebrated the victories over the Third Reich and Japan…and among events of local interest were a revival of the town’s traditional festival, Walking Day, and a visit by the town’s adopted warship, destroyer HMS Obdurate.

“On May 8 the inhabitants of Warrington and district gave themselves up to several days of revelry.

“Gay decorations appeared everywhere as if by magic…and almost every street had its outdoor tea party, games and dances.

“Services of thanksgiving were held at all the churches.”

Bank Park and the Town Hall lawn were the focus of celebrations on VE Day and VJ Day with fireworks and dancing to bands in the evening and similar events at Victoria Park and Orford Park.

Street parties were held around the town with residents coming together to organise the events.

Fifteen years ago, a parade of veterans took place at Gulliver’s World to mark the 60th anniversary.