A 15-YEAR-OLD Shih-Tsu named Molly found herself in the care of the RSPCA Warrington, Halton and St Helens branch last year after being rescued from a serious case of neglect which resulted in the loss of an eye.

Being in kennels isn’t the the comfiest environment for any animal, least of all a golden oldie like Molly, so within a few hours a foster home had been found.

She would remain there for the duration of her case whilst RSPCA inspectors investigated and took action against those who mistreated her.

As her recovery progressed, the foster family showed Molly a life she had never previously known - a warm bed to snuggle in, regular healthy meals, grooming and socialisation - all the things any dog should expect.

She also adapted well to losing her eye.

Molly’s length of stay in RSPCA care was a fairly typical one - her case finally concluded in December after six months - thankfully she was signed over into RSPCA care and her foster family took her on permanently to live out her twilight years in peace and comfort.

She now spends her time travelling around with her new family in their campervan, seeing the sights of the UK with her good eye, or she can be found snoozing until noon in the comfiest bed in the house.

If you’re an animal lover with space in your heart and home, a secure garden, time to spend and would be willing to complete some basic regular paperwork, get in touch with the branch at rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk

They are also looking for a special foster home for a specific dog - if you have a large garden, no neighbouring animals, a spare room and experience with larger breed dogs, get in touch.