MIDWIVES within the NHS were put under 'huge extra strain' following the collapse of One to One Midwives in 2019.

More than 200 women were immediately transferred to Warrington Hospital care.

A midwife, who did not want to be named, said: “The folding of One to One Midwives of course caused distress for expectant mums and added huge pressure on already stretched NHS midwives and services.

“Bank staff were drafted in and many staff had to work overtime to care for hundreds of women who were left without support overnight.

"Due to the extra strain some staff even went off sick.

“Many One to One women were told they’d be more likely to receive interventions during the birth under the NHS and were fearful of receiving our care.

"We were able to dispel these myths for many women with the excellent care we provided.

"One to One misled women about their low rates of intervention, instrumental deliveries, Caesarean sections and stillbirths – they were low because those women were transferred to hospital for assistance when there was a problem.

"Meaning the women were included in the trust’s stats.

"Women were totally misled by promotional materials.

"Women who were deemed not suitable for home births due to risk factors, were often encouraged to give birth at home to avoid One to One having to foot the bill of hospital consultant appointments.

“Many women had positive experiences with One to One and I am sure were wholly unaware of the financial trouble and in some cases increased risk they were being placed under.

"Some One to One midwives who now work for the NHS say they felt pressured to keep women out of hospital, even when it was safer for them to admitted."