NHS frontline staff at Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust have received ‘pick-me-up pallets’ this week, in the second wave of donations from UK brands who have come together in a bid to say thank you.

Blue Light Card, a discount service for the NHS and emergency services, has partnered with the charity, In Kind Direct and Unipart Logistics.

Together, they’re delivering free pallets of pick-me-up items to 25 NHS Trusts.

The pallets, which will be unpacked in each NHS Trust for frontline workers to choose from, include a mix of personal care items and treats, to support and put a smile on the faces of those working to protect our communities and save lives.

Some of the items include biscuits, drinks, shampoo, body wash, skincare products and hand wash.

Tom Dalby, CEO of Blue Light Card, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic means that the NHS and emergency services are even more stretched than usual, and will be selflessly and tirelessly working to keep us safe, healthy and supported, often going into unknown dangers to do so. It’s times like this we value our blue light community even more.

“We felt like we wanted to give back and support our members on the front line, alongside our discounts and offers online. The pallets of pick-me-up items are our way of saying ‘thank you’ for their dedication over the past few months, and hopefully contain items to bring a smile to people’s faces and to genuinely help.

“We are very grateful to all of the generous companies that have donated items to help.”

Rosanne Gray, CEO at In Kind Direct, said: “We are indebted to the wonderful people working in our NHS and thankful to be able to provide practical support and care during such challenging times. We also thank our longstanding corporate partners who have donated extra supplies to this initiative. The response to the first wave of donations was so positive and we are delighted to continue our support.

“We work with hundreds of companies and thousands of charities to support millions of vulnerable people. We help them to access essentials like toiletries, cleaning products and baby care supplies to help everyone keep clean, safe and well. The frontline services being provided by local charities have been critical throughout lockdown in reducing the burden on NHS staff and volunteers, getting people back on their feet after time in hospital, and supporting others to self-isolate safely.

“Our partnership with Blue Light Card allows us to utilise our logistics infrastructure to support NHS workers alongside thousands of charities, to ensure those in crisis keep receiving the care and support they need. We hope more businesses see what is possible and step up and help however they can."