TOGETHER Energy has created nine new jobs ahead of its new office opening in Warrington’s technology hub The Base.

The candidates, many who have struggled with long-term unemployment, will initially be working from home undergoing training to become customer service agents.

Kevin Greenhorn, COO, Together Energy said, “We are delighted that despite the challenges of the lockdown we have secured a number of terrific candidates who we believe will be greatly suited to the business and have the opportunity for long-term career progression.

“We are an employer with strong social ethics and are not scared to recruit people who may have been traditionally overlooked by employers for a variety of reasons. All the candidates have faced challenges with employment and some have struggled to even get a chance to demonstrate their potential because of lack of interview opportunities but we are confident that with the right training and support, the new recruits will flourish.

“We are committed to investing in Warrington and will be planning further recruitment following the opening of our office.”

Katie Dickenson who was recently made redundant from Debenhams in Golden Square, said, “This is just my second job and it really came at the right time after Debenhams decided to close all its restaurants. I was worried about taking part in an interview online, but it was fine. I’m really looking forward to the training.”

Warrington Borough Council leader, cllr Russ Bowden, said: “A key benefit of our partnership with Together Energy is their strong ethos as a real living wage employer and a champion of community issues. From the outset, our ambition has been to offer employment opportunities and support to Warrington people who are out of work or without formal qualifications.

“I’m delighted that this is now bearing fruit, with nine residents taking up positions at Together Energy. I wish each of them every success as they begin their new careers.”

Kevin Lister, who has a BSc in physics, added: “After a decade of unemployment and countless hundreds of job applications I feared that I might never work again. Together Energy uniquely had the courage, vision, and compassion to see past my history to my ability and potential.

“The opportunity I have been given is set to change my life and launch me into a much brighter future. Obviously, my finances are set for an upturn but I’m really looking forward to making an office full of new friends and helping in the success of a young company that seems to have a heart that beats to a rhythm greater than simply it’s bottom line.”