ONE of Warrington’s most popular and long-standing salons has announced that it will not reopen following the coronavirus pandemic.

LimeLight, on Marsh House Lane, has treated loyal clients for 11 years but sadly the owners have made the difficult decision to close for good.

Last year, the salon was named runner-up as Salon of the Year in the Warrington Guardian Customer Service Awards.

The newspaper was overwhelmed by the number of nominations that detailed the kindness and professionalism the staff always showed to its clients.

Owner Laura Dobson said: “We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts from their support and custom over the years, helping shape into Limelight what it was.

“They made memories that will never be forgotten.

“We were blessed to have such wonderful, loyal customers and we built a salon that was more like a beautiful community centre where people just popped in for a brew even when not having their hair done.

Warrington Guardian: LimeLight salon in OrfordLimeLight salon in Orford

“We would sometimes surprise someone with a freebie treat just to cheer them up if they were having a bad time, always ready with a hug when needed and most importantly, we gave that listening ear when people needed to blow off some steam.”

Laura, Priscilla Spooner and Olivia Hartley have worked together for more than a decade but made the mutual decision to pursue their own paths in the current climate.

Laura said: “We cried so much together as we reminisced about what a fantastic time we have had in our years working together.

“We assessed where we are at in life and the effects that coronavirus has had on our business and personal lives; some of us have young children off school and the uncertainty that brings alone is stressful.

“We came to the difficult decision to close the business permanently to pursue our own paths whilst maintaining the close friendship we have.

“Coronavirus has unfairly claimed so many fabulous businesses, our industry has been hit massively due to the personal nature of our work and the measures that are likely to be required going forward will make salon life very different and challenging.

Warrington Guardian: LimeLight salon in OrfordLimeLight salon in Orford

“We know we're not the only local business to have been closed down by this and that saddens us so much.

“We're passionate about this industry and hope we can all get back to what we love, just the way we loved it as quickly as possible.”

Priscilla has fulfilled her aspiration of becoming a tutor in hairdressing to inspire apprentices coming into the industry.

Olivia will continue her brilliant hairdressing for clients while Laura is also carrying on her hairdressing from home.

Laura added: “Hopefully I will gain some balance with between my work and family life.

“Anyone with young children and a business knows just how hard that is!

“We consider ourselves very lucky to have had what we had and believe we couldn't have made Limelight any better, we are very proud of all we achieved.

“We'll still be having our Donatello and karaoke nights regularly and our weekends away at a cottage somewhere with a hot tub!

“We also wish Carol and Freya all the best for their future – we will miss them so much.

“Vicky who runs her business VB Beauty is continuing her treatments from the building as she is unaffected by our closure - we wish her all the best too, she is amazing.”