LAST week in Yester Years we told the story of Thames Board Mills.

The factory employed thousands of people down the years making paper and boxes and was one of the most recognisable names in Warrington.

And plenty of you have since been in touch to enjoy a walk down memory lane.

Well this week David Preece has been in touch about his dad Malcolm Preece, pictured above, who had many memories of working at Thames Board.

Known as Taffy, he was a popular member of the workforce.

David said: “He sadly passed away on April 6, but would have had so many stories to tell.

“As well as the hard work there were fun times too as the picture shows.

“One story is the time that the river flooded the car park and the workers had to be ferried into work by the tractor and trailer. 

“Malcolm being on the auxiliary fire service was on duty in the warehouse in case the paper stored there caught fire. He enjoyed his time at TBM as the camaraderie reminded him of the colliery he worked at in his native South Wales.”

The other man on the picture is described only as ‘Ged’. Do you know Ged or have other memories of working at Thames Board? 

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Sue Sheridan, from Burtonwood, has also been in touch.

She said: “During the 1960s my dad, Ken Aimson, worked as a foreman at Thames Case box works.

“As a child I have fond memories of the annual family gala day held at the factory. 

“Each child was given a book of tickets which entitled you to an ice cream, a packet of crisps, a drink and a ride around the outside of the factory on a land train.

“This was a small tractor towing trucks, normally used for transporting goods around the factory (very health and safety!) 

“There where other stalls and entertainments.

“Happy childhood days.”

And Jean Cooper added: “When I left school in 1971 I started work as a wages clerk at Thames Board.

“This was my first job.”