A WARRINGTON Animal Welfare (WAW) rescue dog has been spending lockdown delivering treats to NHS workers.

Barney, the two-year-old Jack Russell, came to WAW when his elderly owner fell ill and was unable to look after him.

Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes volunteer riders, Dave Woodward and Gail Wroth, decided to foster the pooch, and took him along as they delivered goodies to hospital workers.

Warrington Guardian:

Gail explained: "I have always loved dogs and grew up surrounded by dogs but sadly, due to work commitments, I was not able to have one of my own.

"When I was furloughed from the Liverpool Empire Theatre, it meant I was free to offer to foster dogs before they found their forever home.

"With the theatre closed, we had lots of stock going out of date, so we decided to deliver them to hospital workers at Arrowe Park, Clatterbridge Cancer Care and Marie Curie, as well as all the laboratories who are testing samples for Covid-19.

"We even took some to the fabulous volunteers and staff at WAW.

"Barney was part of the team and insisted on being in the front of the van and first to meet the nurses!"

Warrington Guardian:

Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes posted Barney’s good deeds on their Facebook page, commenting: "Our rider Dave, his partner Gail and foster dog Barney have been super busy this week, delivering little treat hampers to hospitals, clinics and hospices in Liverpool, Wirral and surrounding areas.

"The caring and compassionate nature of our volunteers is not limited to when they are on shift.

"They are true superheroes every second of the day."

Since his adventure, Barney has officially become a part of Gail and Dave's family, after they fell in love with him and decided to adopt him.

Warrington Guardian:

Jacquie Atherton, WAW trustee, said: "Fosterers, like Gail and Dave, have been invaluable and have meant we were still able to continue to help animals in need, including animals who have lost their home as a direct result of coronavirus, whether due to the sad loss of their owner, or people not being able to afford to keep them.

"These last few months have been really hard, especially for smaller charities, with lots of our fundraising opportunities no longer available to us.

"Sadly, it seems that animal charities are not being considered by the Government and are not benefitting from the funding streams other charities can access, so we really appreciate the support of the community and our supporters."

If you would like to help Warrington Animal Welfare to survive the crisis please visit warringtonanimalwelfare.org.uk/coronacrisis.aspx.