THE RSPCA and firefighters have been called out to rescue a bird trapped in netting under the Runcorn bridge.

While on standby duties in Runcorn Red Watch was called to assist the RSPCA with a bird trapped in the netting this morning, Tuesday.

Crews, who were in attendance for half an hour, used a 13.5 metre ladder to access and free the bird.

Now angry passersby are calling on the netting being removed altogether.

One reader, who did not wish to be named, said: "My sister went for a walk beneath the Jubilee bridge as she had heard people mention about the netting so she decided to take a look for herself.

"It's basically a massive pigeon graveyard.

"Whether you like pigeons or not this is absolutely not ok."

Warrington Guardian:

The woman also said that a resident informed her that it was affecting people's mental health constantly watching the birds die slowly.

She added: "The nets either need permanently removing or replacing with something that keeps them out. It's barbaric."

Warrington Guardian: