THE daily number of vehicles on Warrington’s roads peaked at almost 100,000 last week.

The statistics released by Warrington Borough Council show around 98,000 vehicles were recorded last Friday, although this is still considerably lower than the ‘normal’ level of around 170,000 before the lockdown.

Meanwhile, there were 30 per cent more vehicles on the road on Saturday and Sunday in comparison to the previous week.

During the first week of lockdown – which was announced on March 23 – the midweek daily average of vehicles on the streets totalled 72,070, which was 61,352 in the second week, 67,014 the third week, 67,880 the fourth week, 71,414 the fifth week, 74,851 the sixth week and 83,988 the seventh week at the start of May.

Furthermore, the number of people recorded using the borough’s cycling routes has surged during the lockdown.

It rose to almost 2,000 people at the end of last week, which was around 700 at the same time the previous year.