Frank Lythgoe's weekly Warrington Anglers' Association column

SINCE we opened up our waters at 6am last Wednesday the catch reports have been fantastic.

I am proud of our members who have shown our sport in the best light during these difficult times.

Warrington Guardian:

Dave Griffiths took his son Matty on his first ever coarse fishing trip last Wednesday to Ackers Pit.

He was bubbling over with excitement when they arrived to set up at 6.30am on a lovely still morning.

As they put down their gear a carp exploded out of the water in front of him and the youngster’s excitement went up to another level.

Dave set him up with a self-cocking float, a small shot, and sweetcorn presented on a size 14’s hook.

He missed his first fish but it wasn’t long before his float slid under and the rod buckled, it was fish-on.

After a heart-stopping adrenalin packed 10 minutes the carp was safely in the landing net.

Warrington Guardian:

Matty was now a self-confessed angler, he was hooked. They finished their session in the late afternoon and had seven carp between them, with Matty beating his dad's number and having the biggest fish to boot.

Committee member Phil Higgins also enjoyed a similar Wednesday session on Ackers and ended up with 10 carp caught in the margins alternating between bread or pepperoni on the hook. They ranged from 4lbs to 13lbs.

Sam Asson, aged 12, enjoyed his session at Woodshaw Reservoir accompanied by his dad Barry.

Warrington Guardian:

Sam set-up with a waggler six inches over depth and fished double frozen red maggot in the margin where he caught some nice crucians and loads of roach and rudd. His dad did catch but had to admit he was put to shame, but nevertheless proud of his son.

Phil Brown fished Appleton Reservoir on Friday morning and ended up with shed loads of quality roach, a tench, and a single carp around 20lb. All caught on float-fished sweetcorn.

Mike Pryer also had cracking roach sport and ended up with about 30lbs plus a decent tench. He fished waggler two rods out alternating between red maggot and corn over a bed of hemp.

His mate Steve Draper fished the same method but towards the end of the session fancied a change and cast out a carp rod loaded with a white boilie at the business end. A few minutes later he had a run and thought he was into a carp which to his surprise turned out to be an eel of 3lbs.

Our head bailiff Jay Makin's overnighter on Grey Mist left him with 13 tench up to 7.5lbs.

A few carp have been reported and Bailiff Trevor Royle landed a cracking mirror on Tuesday morning. The biggest fish I have heard about is a 27lb Moore Quarry mirror although I have no doubt there have been a few out of Sandiway Lake. Chris Smith had his first fish of the day from the big lake, an 8-2-0 tench caught using spam and fake corn.

Gary Mason caught over 30 crucians from Woodshaw on the first day of opening on prawns but the following day could only manage two. Jack Hart also bagged up with crucians again on a sea-bait, this time it was mussels.

Anthony Rough enjoyed his first outing since lockdown on The Mount at Buckley with a catch of quality roach and a bonus carp. They all took a fancy to his pearl barley bait.

Don’t forget this fishery at the moment is restricted to those members on the Welsh side of ‘the border’ under the current Covid-19 regulations in Wales.

If anyone found a bib & brace along with a pair of neoprene wellies at Appleton Reservoir please give me a call as I have found the owner.

WAA Headquarters at 52, Parker Street remain closed on Friday evenings until further notice. If you need any further information give me a call on 01928 716238 or email And keep those catch reports coming.