WARRINGTON Wolves are likely to be playing matches behind closed doors when the Super League season resumes.

There is a growing acceptance within the game that the measure will be introduced to make sure the sport restarts quickly when Government says it is safe.

The Wire have not played a game since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And no games will take place this month.

While no firm decisions have yet been made, Super League sides have been given a range of options as to what a 2020 season will look like.

And with the Premier League looking at playing matches behind closed doors at neutral venues when it resumes, rugby league is likely to follow suit.

Karl Fitzpatrick, Wolves chief executive, says talks continue on what the season may look like and reiterated that 'nothing is off the table' but admitted games without fans is looking inevitable as time runs out to get the season finished before the end of the year.

He added: "We need to explore every avenue but it has to be a decision based on directives from Government.

"We all want to get going, but it has to be safe and it has to follow Government advice. We have seen various fixture modelling to see what can be done, depending on when we could start.

"I think it is very naive to think that Government is going to allow 10,000 people through the turnstiles any time soon.

"We are also very conscious that we don't want to be testing players and officials before NHS staff for example.

"I want to say to fans please be patient with us.

"We understand they are in a very difficult position as well."

A variety of complications exist in Super League with the French government banning large events until September and talk of quarantine for travellers returning to the UK also making games in Toronto unlikely.

In Australia, where the NRL could return as soon as this month, NZ Warriors have been asked to base themselves in New South Wales.

Further problems in Super League include fixtures already played. Wolves have played seven games, a number of clubs five due to early season postponements and Catalans just four.

The pandemic also continues to come at a huge financial cost.

Fitzpatrick says Wolves are facing losses of at least £1million – and the figure could rise.

The sport was given a £16million loan by Government on Friday but detail on repayments is still needed.

Fitzpatrick added: "There is so much uncertainty at the moment. That is why we need to continue to manage our budget and manage our business incredibly well.

"The bigger clubs who own their own stadiums such as ourselves, Saints, Leeds are probably suffering more.

"While the Sky money is very important, it is only one of a number of income streams for us.

"We have the use of the stadium in the week, hospitality, sponsorship deals – the list goes on. Our budget is so much more than just the Sky money. We have more than 100 staff members for example.

"And for the past two months, most of those revenue streams, apart from Sky, have gone."