TEACHERS across Warrington have been working hard to make sure children are looked after during the coronavirus lockdown.

When schools and nurseries were forced to close their doors on March 20, teachers and support staff have been providing a safe space for vulnerable children and those whose parents are key workers.

From going into school every day, to preparing home learning packs, here are just a few of the excellent people you have sent in to us for keeping Warrington's children happy.

1. Carole Barker

Warrington Guardian:

Carole works at St Bridget's Primary School and looks after its most vulnerable families, phoning them every day as well as visiting those she can’t reach to ensure the children’s safety and wellbeing.

2. Karen Mowbray

Warrington Guardian:

The head teacher of Glazebury CE Primary School has helped prepare activities and work for children, while also keeping in touch with the school community, offering help, delivering home learning packs and phoning children and their parents or carers.

3. Rebecca Kayll

Warrington Guardian:

As head teacher at Penketh Primary School, Rebecca has worked tirelessly to ensure all children and her staff are physically and mentally safe and well.

4. Cheshire Day Nursery at Guardian Street

Warrington Guardian:

The staff at Cheshire Day Nursery Guardian Street are maintaining the same outstanding level of care and dedication in spite of the pandemic- these include Emily Portwood, Sam Gibbs, Abbi Reeves, Daniella Jones, Jess Hoarty, Shannon Davies, Megan Goodwin, Hannah Jones and Holly Ball.

5 and 6. Jamie Vermiglio and Emma Collins

Warrington Guardian:

Jamie and Emma, head teacher and deputy head of Locking Stumps Primary School, have gone above and beyond, with a dance video produced by staff and pupils to entertain the school community, creating laminated rainbows and writing motivational quotes posted around the town.

7. Helen Lea

Warrington Guardian:

The head teacher at St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Woolston, has been in school every single day, including over the Easter holidays, to ensure continuity for the children in her care and to provide peace of mind for their parents.

8. Oakwood Avenue Primary School staff

Warrington Guardian:

The school has had numerous nominations for the fun ways it is keeping in touch with pupils, from Facebook and Twitter messages, daily stories being read to children, phone calls and a YouTube channel- it is described as 'one big family'.