A HOTEL worker has run an indoor marathon during her night shift in order to raise funds for the NHS.

Louise Casey, from Great Sankey, completed more than 500 laps of the Premier Inn Warrington Central North overnight on Friday, April 17.

Warrington Guardian:

In doing so, she may have become a Guinness World Record holder.

The Widnes Running Club member said: “Because of the virus, a lot of people in the club are running around in circles in their gardens.

“I thought to myself, I might try to run a marathon indoors at work.

“We’re closed at the minute, but six of us are doing night shifts to man the building.

“Instead of sitting there all night twiddling my thumbs, I ran a marathon.

“After that, I went and got showered, put my uniform on and carried on with the night shift.

“I couldn’t walk afterwards, but I did it.”

Warrington Guardian:

Louise, who has worked on the front of house and as a breakfast chef at the hotel for the past year, completed her marathon in a time of four hours and 37 minutes.

In doing so, the 40-year-old has so far raised around £1,500 for the NHS and Great Ormond Street Hospital – and is waiting to hear back on whether she holds the record for the fastest marathon run inside a hotel.

She added: “I started in the reception, ran down a corridor, round the breakfast area and back to reception.

“That was about 0.05 of a mile, so I had to do it 526 times – you lose count after a certain amount.

Warrington Guardian:

“It’s so different to running outside, it’s a lot tougher – it’s warmer inside, and running around in circles was tough mentally.

“I don’t think anybody’s done this before, so I’ve applied to get a Guinness World Record.

“I’ve had so many donations, I never thought I’d get that much in a million years.

“And I really want to thank my manager Nicola Mirquis, because she’s supported me so much throughout this.

“She cheered me on every time I did a loop, and without her I wouldn’t have been able to get through it.”

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