STAFF at Royal Mail's delivery office in Warrington walked out today, Tuesday after a worker is suspected to have tested positive for Covid-19.

Employees in the Milner Street office refused to work after concerns grew about a colleague's health and lack of PPE.

It is believed the man was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties but his condition has since improved.

One staff member told the Warrington Guardian: "We walked out over concerns that one of the managers has coronavirus and been handing out work loads and van keys all week.

"It is putting the public at risk as we deliver to everyone in Warrington and they want the parties to continue delivering.

"We were told the man was admitted to hospital due to breathing difficulties.

"He was tested in the hospital and this came back positive."

Another worker said: "The union want it closed until Saturday to kill any potential surface infection off.

"Management have told us that a 'deep clean' is happening overnight.

"When questioned what that entails, the reply was 'hotspots like door handles' and that is it.

"They want us all back in tomorrow as normal.

"The staff are extremely concerned about spreading it around to the public, specifically the elderly and vulnerable.

"Personally I have many of those people in my area."

CWU branch secretary, Dave Kennedy said: "We can confirm that a potential Covid-19 incident occurred today and that normal operations are currently on hold from the Milner Street office.

"It is important that we assert at this stage that we don’t consider that the safety measures taken by our membership should be considered as industrial action.

"Rather, our members have exercised their legal right to remove themselves from a potentially hazardous situation – designed to protect their own wellbeing, their family members and the wider population of Warrington.

"Postal workers are no different to anybody else and this is obviously a worrying time for everybody.

"The Union are in high level talks with the company over this incident and we’ll be updating our members once the position becomes clearer."

Royal Mail has been approached for comment.