A 34-YEAR-old man has been jailed for 19 weeks making racist insults to a security guard while making 'gun and slitting throat gestures'

Mark Cunningham from no fixed abode, was arrested at Sainsburys on Church Street on Thursday, April 2 for racially aggravated public order and police assault.

Police attended after they were informed that he had been detained by staff for a minor theft.

However, he had also been making racist insults to the security guard and also made 'gun and slitting throat gestures' at him.

This resulted in his arrest - he did not take this well and a struggle with two officers ensued - he was brought under control using captor spray.

However, he kicked a police officer during being detained.

He was later charged and remanded to go before Warrington Court this morning and has been sent to prison for 19 weeks.