A 21-YEAR-old intern with educational needs is providing vital help to a Birchwood supermarket during the coronavirus crisis.

Niall Williamson, from Thelwall, joined Asda Birchwood in October through his place on the Willow Green Supported Internship Programme.

The scheme, ran from Woolston Learning Village, helps pupils with learning difficulties secure jobs.

Student Niall was elected to continue with his placement during the on-going pandemic to help keep Asda open and stocked for residents.

Niall said: "I like to help as much as I can.

"I enjoy it.

"This has given me the opportunity to have the experience of having a job."

Niall, like every intern on the Willow Green programme, gained a job to introduce him to the world of work, with support from teaching staff.

Other employers for those on this year's programme included Sainsbury's, RSPCA, Warrington Town Hall, Warrington Borough Council Transport, Woolston Sixth Form, Warrington Hospital, Warrington Wolves and Contact Warrington.

The students also spent one day a week in college in Woolston Learning Village, up until the government announced a nation-wide school closure last week to stop the spread of coronavirus.

This work will now be carried out at home.

Niall's family have praised the Willow Green Programme for giving Niall valuable life skills and experiences.

Dad Carl explained: "Niall's confidence has really gone up- he's enjoying it and wants to go in to work.

"The staff there have all been brilliant."