IT is fair to say this has been a week like no other.

The past seven days have seen changes and restrictions to life in Warrington not known since war time.

Since last week’s paper was printed, all but the most essential shops, all cafes, restaurants, pubs, theatres and other businesses have been forced to close.

Others will shut down because there is simply no work for them to do.

When all of the self-isolation and lockdown is over, we’ll all be looking for a treat and will have a renewed zest for the enjoyment of life.

At the same time many of our small businesses have had to shut their doors and are having a terrible time financially.

So as part of our Back Our Businesses campaign we want readers to consider buying a voucher from a local business in Warrington.

You could buy a voucher to treat a friend, yourself, your mum – who you couldn’t see on Mother’s Day – anyone that you love.

Buying and sending a voucher will give them something to look forward to, show your love and appreciation of them and will really help a small business just when they really need it.

Vouchers could be for anything – hairdressing, nails, a meal, afternoon tea or a couple of pints, gardening tools, clothing – anything at all.

And we want as many businesses as possible to join our list as voucher providers.

Let’s give our loved ones some treats to look forward to and support our town’s wonderful small businesses at the same time.

If you are a business and have vouchers available for people to buy, join our list now.

Just email the details of your business and a picture and how people go about buying vouchers to us via and we will do the rest.

We will publish a list of the businesses offering vouchers at

And we will print them all in next week’s Warrington Guardian as well.

The community spirit everyone is talking about at the moment is not just for the next few weeks when we are at home.

It will be about the weeks and months ahead when small businesses will need your help to survive.