THE council is encouraging residents to get involved with their community by scattering wild flower seeds to generate flower meadows across the borough.

Wild flowers not only look beautiful, but they are a staple to bees and other pollinators, helping to attract them to the area.

They also serve as a food source and shelter for many species of wildlife, including birds and insects.

Cabinet member of leisure and community, cllr Tony Higgins said: “This initiative is very exciting for us as it welcomes the spring, helps to make our town look more beautiful and encourages animals and beneficial insects to our area.

“We want as many people to get involved as possible and to keep us updated on your progress by sending in photos of your growing wildflower gardens.”

Free packs of wild flower seeds were available in community centres but these are now shut due to the coronavirus.

If you have your own flower seeds at home, why not scatter them while out on your daily dose of exercise.