TWO women have been jailed for trying to supply class A drugs at Creamfields dance festival in Daresbury.

Lybertie Weaver and Zara Caller appeared before Chester Crown Court on Monday to be sentenced for their offences.

Weaver, aged 21 at the time of the festival in August, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply ecstasy.

Weaver, of St Catherine's Gardens in Tranmere, was working for a wheelbarrow company which supplied the tools to the festival.

Jane Morris, prosecuting, told the court that the 21-year-old was working the morning of August 24.

Weaver, who is a mental health care worker, saw sniffer dogs and decided to inform organisers that she had ecstasy tablets wrapped in a kinder egg.

This was concealed within her lower body.

The tablets, worth £530, were found and she was interviewed by police voluntarily.

Weaver, who has no previous convictions, says the offence was 'a mistake' and she 'will never do it again'.

The 22-year-old's barrister, Gerald Pachter, said: "This is a life-changing day for Miss Weaver.

"She is nervous and terrified.

"The day of reckoning has arrived.

"She has co-operated throughout and admitted having the drugs when she saw the sniffer dogs.

"She has been very helpful."

Zara Caller, a 27-year-old from Kettering, also appeared before judge Patrick Thompson after admitting possession with intent to supply class A drugs.

Nardeen Nemat, prosecuting, told the court that Caller, of Lancaster Drive, had agreed to take in drugs to the festival for her friends and others.

At around 10.40am of August 24, Caller told security guards at Creamfields that she had drugs in her possession.

Her barrister, Mark Shanks, said she was being used as 'a mule' and 'panicked' when she saw the signs at the festival about drugs.

The court was told how phone records show texts between Caller and friends preparing to take drugs into the festival.

She was to be paid £150 by a man called Brad for taking them in and this was to 'cover her weekend'.

Caller concealed MDMA pills, powder and cocaine in a condom within her body.

She alerted security guards to the drugs and was interviewed by police.

Caller told police she 'froze' when she got to the gates and 'knew what she was doing was wrong'.

Caller, who has no previous convictions, was supported by family and friends in the public gallery.

Her barrister said she is 'embarrassed' by what has happened and showed 'naivety'.

However, judge Thompson disagreed and said that the text messages clearly showed that she knew what she was doing.

Judge Thompson said: "No, there are enough warning banners in place.

"I've seen the text messages, she knew exactly what was happening.

"Every year judges at this court hope we will see less young people.

"But every year more young people appear and we send them to prison.

"I don't suppose Brad, whoever he is, has been caught.

"When will these young men and women understand that drug dealers like 'Brad' use them and offer money for these drugs to be taken in for a reason.

"It is depressing that every year I have to deal with these cases.

"Young people with their whole lives ahead of them put it all at risk.

"People think they will not get caught.

"Drug use at this festival in Daresbury is the bane of Cheshire.

"It uses a lot of police resources from across the county."

Weaver and Caller were each sentenced to two years and eight months in prison.

Both women cried in the dock as the sentence was read out and their family members wept in shock.