WARRINGTON North MP Charlotte Nichols says she is ‘totally committed’ to campaigning to protect Peel Hall from development ahead of a new public inquiry.

An appeal against Warrington Borough Council’s decision to refuse Satnam’s 1,200-home masterplan for the Houghton Green site was dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate and secretary of state in December 2018.

However, the decision was quashed in the High Court last year – meaning the inquiry must be held again.

It has been confirmed that it will be reopened in the summer, with residents preparing for a fresh battle to protect the site.

And they have got the full support of Labour’s Ms Nichols.

She said: “I promised during the election to do all I can to support the campaign to save Peel Hall and I remain totally committed to this – continuing Warrington North Labour’s long-held policy against development which has been supported at parish council, borough council and parliamentary level.

Warrington Guardian:

MP Charlotte Nichols

“I am meeting with the Peel Hall campaign group on Tuesday to discuss the next steps, in light of the announcement of the timetable for the new public inquiry to ensure a joined-up approach that puts the community’s voice at the heart of the inquiry.

“I am clear on the need to protect our green spaces and I hope that the outcome of the inquiry will finally give certainty to the community around Peel Hall who have had the threat of development, in one guise or another, hanging over them for three decades.”

Wendy Johnson-Taylor, from the Save Peel Hall Campaign Group, says campaigners are ‘fully prepared’ to enter into another battle with the developer.

She added: “We have been waiting for this announcement and, while we are ready to throw down the gauntlet, we expect Warrington Borough Council to fight every single step of the way with us again.

“We will be strongly contesting every attempt that Satnam makes to submit new evidence into what is essentially the reopening of what was an unsuccessful inquiry for Satnam.

“Over the coming months we will be scrutinising every single detail of Satnam’s full submission but, as of now, our 30-year fight is well and truly on.”