A CONSULTANT orthopaedic surgeon has helped to improve the lives of thousands of knee replacement patients across the UK, with a new computer-guided tool.

Mr Nikhil Pradhan, based at Spire Cheshire Hospital in Stretton, celebrated teaching his 25th surgeon how to use innovative iASSIST technology last week - which uses movement sensors to improve the accuracy and alignment of total knee replacement surgery.

Passionate about improving patient outcomes, Mr Pradhan performed the first iASSIST total knee replacement in the UK in 2013 and has spent the last three years training knee surgeons and clinical support staff how to use it, in addition to managing his own patient case load.

Mr Pradhan said: “It’s a regular occurrence to have surgeons visiting Spire Cheshire to learn about the procedure and see iASSIST technology at work in theatre.

"It’s a privilege to pass on my skills and excite other surgeons about what is possible, and it’s very rewarding to know that I’ve helped my peers take this technique back to their hospitals and improve outcomes for their own patients.

“iASSIST is what we call a navigated surgery, a bit like GPS in your car, and it helps to ensure that the knee is perfectly in line with the hip and ankle once it has been replaced.

"This minimises post-operative pain, enables a quicker recovery and reduces the chance of needing further surgery.

"Knee replacements performed in this way could potentially last longer and function better, so it’s a win-win for patients and I think that explains why we have such a high level of interest in training from other hospitals.”

Andrew Johnson, hospital director at Spire Cheshire, added: “Mr Pradhan’s commitment to sharing iASSIST best practice has helped to make knee surgery more precise and less invasive for thousands of patients and we are incredibly proud of his work in this field.

"He has performed the most iASSIST surgeries in the country and as part of that, he has really showcased the expertise and capability we have here at Spire Cheshire.”