TWO years on from lifesaving heart surgery, a Culcheth woman is organising a Strictly dance day to raise money for the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Erica Morgan, 62, will be hosting dance classes with former Strictly Come Dancing professional Robin Windsor, after a dance session lead to her heart disease diagnosis.

Erica said: “I’ve had chest pains and breathlessness since the age of 48.

“My dad died from a heart attack aged 44, when I was 10, and his four siblings all had heart attacks in their 40s.

“When I was older I realised this wasn’t normal, and it’s been hanging over me ever since.

“Even though doctor after doctor told me I didn’t fit the profile for heart disease, I was convinced I wouldn’t live longer than my dad.

“The doctor who saw the results of my angiogram said, how on earth have you managed to keep dancing?

"I am so thankful that I was able to be diagnosed before I actually had a heart attack.”

Warrington Guardian: Erica with grandsons Oscar and ArchieErica with grandsons Oscar and Archie

In 2017, Erica booked onto a dance class with Robin and found she could not keep up and suffered with chest pain.

Just ten days later she had tests which revealed blockages in her coronary arteries.

Erica was told she needed an operation where veins and arteries from other parts of her body would be used to bypass the blockages and restore normal blood flow.

The operation took place in January 2018 and now, Erica wants to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, while indulging her passion for dance.

Erica added: “The British Heart Foundation’s literature was so useful when I was diagnosed.

"I’m aware that research funded by the BHF may well have contributed to the procedure which saved my life."

Leah Goodhind, BHF fundraising manager, said: "Erica has been through so much and we’re so grateful that she wants to give something back by raising money to support the BHF’s lifesaving research.

"There are around 930,000 people in the north west living with the daily burden of a heart or circulatory disease.

"By raising money for research to better prevent, diagnose, and treat these conditions, people like Erica are helping us to beat heartbreak forever.”

Erica has booked The Daten Sports and Social Club in Culcheth on Sunday, March 8 for two 90-minute dance classes, taught by Robin Windsor.

Tickets and more information can be purchased at