RESIDENTS are calling for the speed limit on a dangerous Lymm road to be reduced.

The speed limit along Burford Lane varies from 40mph and 50mph, with the latter on the part of the route home to what has been labelled as a ‘very dangerous’ bend.

People in the area want it to be cut to 30mph for most of the road.

Cllr Kath Buckley (CON – Lymm South) has been speaking to residents about the issue.

She said the different speed limits cause confusion for motorists, especially if they do not know the area well.

On Sunday, during the community speed watch, Cllr Buckley said 20 people were caught exceeding 44mph in the 40mph section – with one doing more than 60mph.

Mum-of-three Sonia Tasker, who lives on the road, is among those campaigning for changes.

She said: “Residents along the lane have become increasingly concerned regarding the excessive speed down the lane.

“There are many residents with children, parents dare not let their children walk down the lane as in places the pavement is no bigger than 30cm.

“There are also other vulnerable users including the elderly and disabled.

“Many residents have problems pulling out of their drives for fear of cars driving into them.”

A petition calling for the speed limit to be reduced has gained more than 150 signatures. It will be handed to Warrington Borough Council (WBC).

WBC says central Government requires it to follow guidance to set local speed limits in a ‘nationally consistent manner’.

A spokesman added: “The speed limits on Burford Lane were reduced to 50mph, and a section to 40mph, in the more built up area in 2010.

“This was following the directive from central Government to undertake an assessment of speed limits.

“We will undertake further traffic surveys in the area and carry out new assessments.

“We will also engage with Cheshire Constabulary to understand its views, as the powers to enforce speed limits are afforded to the police authority.”