WITH two books published in two years, a Great Sankey mum has revealed how anyone can fulfill their dreams of being a published author.

For Angela Scholes, becoming an author was never at the top of her list, but after letting her imagination run wild in a notepad, the 54-year-old is now on her way to finishing her third novel.

Angela started writing two years ago when her family home became emptier than usual as her two children grew up.

She found it difficult to concentrate on reading and decided to take a different approach.

She explained: "I thought, if I can't read, maybe I can write.

"That's what started the first book."

Her first short story was soon snapped up by a publishing company.

Angela explained: "I Googled publishers and Austin Macauley came up so I just rang them.

"I said I'd written this short story with a pen and pad.

"I sent it to them and about six weeks later my husband phoned me.

"I thought they had sent it back but he said no, it was a contract."

Written entirely by hand, Angela's manuscripts are a unique alternative to typing.

Angela said: "I'm a hairdresser by trade so I'm never on a computer.

"We all do go online on phones and tablets, but I never needed to be on a computer so I didn't know my way around a keyboard."

This didn't halt her success, and after her first book was published in May, she decided to try her hand at another.

Just an Ordinary Day is a short story about Sarah who adopts a Cockapoo after a break-up.

Angela explained how people's attitudes to pets inspired her writing, as well as urging her to add a four-legged friend to her family.

She said: "I have lots of friends who love their dogs.

"I didn't have one at the time but I saw how my friends all talked about theirs.

"The book is an easy read, it's a romance, a girly read.

"It's good if you're just sat on a train, or on your couch on a rainy afternoon, for some easy escapism."

Angela stressed that writing doesn't have to be so disciplined and it is not too late for anyone to give it a go.

She continued: "I never know what is going on the next page and that's what is so exciting because it's about how you're going to get to the end.

"Sometimes the inspiration is there and sometimes it is not.

"I don't have a schedule, I just have an imagination."

Just an Ordinary Day by Angela Scholes is published by Austin Macauley Publishers and is available on Austinmacauley.com, Amazon and all good booksellers.