A FORMER Lymm couple who have been jailed following the death of their toddler appeared to enjoy ‘a perfect lifestyle’ as they travelled the world with their son.

But all was not well under the surface as Peter Chilvers had already cheated on Magdalena Lesicka with two women before James was born in September 2015.

Ryanair pilot Chilvers and flight attendant Lesicka met at a party in 2010 when both were based out of a German airport.

Chilvers later transferred to Liverpool Airport and Polish national Lesicka joined him, only to become isolated.

Her social life suffered after she became financially dependent on the pilot.

In May 2014 the couple moved to Lymm and Lesicka got a job working as a retail service manager for Cross Country Trains, based at Manchester's Piccadilly station.

At his trial at Manchester Crown Court, in which he was convicted of controlling and coercive behaviour, prosecutor Rob Hall said Chilvers started to dictate to Lesicka who she saw and when she went out.

Mr Hall said: "Over the months and years that followed, Peter Chilvers repeatedly mistreated and bullied Magda Lesicka at ever increasing levels to see what he could get away with.”

Their difficulties were compounded as Chilvers embarked on two affairs, including one with a Ryanair cabin crew colleague.

Lesicka moved out at the end of the year when she found out about one of the affairs but then learned she had fallen pregnant after her contraceptive pill failed to work because of an infection.

In April 2015 she discovered that Chilvers was having an affair.

Soon after James's birth the couple moved to Lanzarote when Chilvers was promoted to captain.

Lesicka again found herself isolated and financially restricted on the Spanish holiday island, the court heard.

In 2016 she discovered the pilot was still cheating on her with and suggested she and James should leave Lanzarote for the UK.

Mr Hall said: "Peter Chilvers responded with words to the effect of, 'If you ever try and run away and hide, I will find you and will kill you'.

"Thereafter, this type of threat became a regular occurrence and was randomly issued by him without any real reason or cause."

In August 2016, Lesicka moved with James to Wythenshawe and Chilvers joined her in 2017 when he started flying in and out of Manchester Airport.

In July 2017, she discovered she was pregnant again but could not cope with being trapped in an "abusive, humiliating and dishonest relationship", said Mr Hall.

On August 15 she had an abortion without Chilvers' knowledge, and told him two days later.

In the days leading up to killing James - after suffering a mental breakdown triggered by Chilvers campaign of bullying - she desperately sought help to escape the toxic relationship by contacting the police and domestic violence charities.

The court heard how in the early hours of Sunday, August 27 2017, police were called to Beaford Road to a report of a domestic incident. Upon arrival they discovered the body of 23-month-old James Chilvers in the bath. He had suffered catastrophic stab wounds.

Lesicka had left before police arrived and gone to hospital with Peter Chilvers. She was being treated for serious, self-inflicted stab wounds.

In the days that followed, Magdalena was arrested in hospital and remained under watch by police until she recovered from her injuries.

Magdalena Lesicka pleaded guilty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility at Preston Crown Court in 2018.

She is currently serving 15 years in prison.

Yesterday, Thursday Chilvers of Hewitt Grove, Northwich was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court to one year and six months in prison. He was previously found guilty of coercive and controlling behaviour, common assault and criminal damage following a five-week trial.

During Magdalena’s impact statement, which was read out in court, she said: “I hope he recognises that he didn’t need to break me in the way he did. He has taken everything from me, including my spirit.”