LABOUR held on to Warrington North in Thursday's General Election - despite a remarkable surge in support for the Conservatives.

Charlotte Nichols, 28, becomes the town's second youngest MP by holding the seat which has only ever been won by Labour since it was established in 1983.

But the Labour majority of 1,509 is the lowest on record - and down from 9,582 in 2017.

The exit poll released at 10pm even gave the Tories a 52 per cent chance of winning it.

Ms Nichols, a union worker, was criticised as being a parachute candidate during a rocky first few days after being selected as the candidate but she told the count at Birchwood she was proud to be the MP for Warrington North.

She said: "This has been the honour of my life.

Warrington Guardian:

Charlotte Nichols

"I will never stop fighting for the people of Warrington North."

She added the national picture had been disappointing for Labour and paid tribute to Helen Jones who stood down in October after winning the seat at every election since 1997.

For the Tories it was a case of how near and how far.

Indeed had there been no Brexit Party candidate, this was a seat they could have won.

Defeated candidate Wendy Maisey said she was proud of her efforts and loved the campaign.

Warrington Guardian:

Wendy Maisey with Steven Broomhead

She added: "It was clear on the doorstep that people wanted to get Brexit done and that is what we offered them.

"We have made this a very winnable seat next time.

"It is too early to say now but I live in Lowton, I have a business in Warrington and I am going nowhere."

Green Party candidate Lyndsay McAteer believes her party is building a movement and vowed to do what she can to campaign to remain in the EU – despite the election result.

Warrington Guardian:

Cllr Steve Parish and Lyndsay McAteer

She added: “Under the circumstances, we didn’t run an extensive campaign.

“In terms of the effort we put in – and the loyalty that I’ve found from friends, family and people who voted for me and supported me along the way – I think I have had a great response.

“But we are building something and this is not a short-term thing.”


Brexit Party Elizabeth Babade 2,626

Liberal Democrats David Crowther 3,071

Conservative Wendy Maisey 19,102

Green Lyndsay McAteer 1,257

Labour Charlotte Nichols 20,611

Turnout 64.6 per cent