THE People’s Vote campaign group has urged residents in Warrington South to vote for Labour’s Faisal Rashid in the general election.

The group – which is calling for the public to be given a ‘final say’ over Brexit in another vote – believes residents should vote tactically and back Mr Rashid in the battleground constituency.

The politician, who has confirmed he would back Remain in a second EU referendum, said he was ‘delighted’ with the backing.

Warrington for Europe chairman Graham Gowland, who is a Liberal Democrat Lymm parish councillor, says the strongest candidate in Warrington South is Liberal Democrat Cllr Ryan Bate.

He also believes his party have the best policies but says, under the ‘crazy’ first past the post system, Labour are ‘most likely’ to win.

Mr Gowland added: “So as a person who believes Brexit is an existential threat to the UK, I support a tactical vote to put Brexit down and for Warrington that’s a tactical vote for Labour.

“I put my country first – before party loyalty – and because it’s what’s best for Warrington.

“I call on all true patriots to say ‘no’ to Brexit.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hailed his ‘fantastic’ Brexit deal, with the Tories claiming getting Brexit done will allow Britain to ‘unleash’ its potential.