BREXIT, austerity and green belt development are among the issues taking centre stage as the battle for the Warrington South seat hots up.

Liberal Democrat candidate Cllr Ryan Bate believes voters have a ‘real choice’ in the general election on December 12.

He said: “They can go for the same old parties of the past or they can vote Liberal Democrat to stop Brexit and build a brighter future.

“I cannot remember a more important election in my lifetime.

“Coming from Warrington, I understand the issues facing the town.

“I have been instrumental in the fight against the local plan and the major developments threatening the communities and green spaces of south Warrington.”

Tory candidate Andy Carter hailed his party’s manifesto as ‘positive news’ for the constituency.

Warrington Guardian:

Andy Carter

The politician, along with all 634 other Conservative candidates, has pledged to back the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal to pave the way to ‘get Brexit done’ and ‘unleash Britain’s potential’.

Aside from the UK’s scheduled departure from the EU, Mr Carter added: “2020 can be a year of hope and opportunity and the Conservative manifesto details the way we will harness our strong economy to protect and improve the public services we rely on – our NHS, police, and schools.

“If elected, I will also challenge the council’s plans to develop thousands of new homes on the green belt and work to prioritise regeneration of brownfield sites like Fiddlers Ferry.”

Labour’s Faisal Rashid says his party’s ‘manifesto of hope’ will build a fairer Britain where nobody is left behind.

Warrington Guardian:

Faisal Rashid

He said: “Almost a decade of Tory austerity has decimated our communities.

“In Warrington, we have had years of underinvestment and outright dishonesty from this Government.

“Parts of our hospital are over 100 years old. Our local foodbank is doubling its size. Local transport links are costly and unfit for purpose.

“The Tories have presided over a declining and divided country. It’s time for the real change this manifesto will deliver.”

Mr Rashid recently reaffirmed he would back Remain in a second EU referendum.

Kevin Hickson, who is standing for the Social Democratic Party, has pledged to prioritise doing all he can to ensure Brexit is delivered if elected.

Warrington Guardian:

Kevin Hickson

He said: “The Social Democrats believe in nation, community and family.

“We offer a mix of red and blue – the best policies whether they are ‘left’ or ‘right’.

“I will be working hard for every vote. People are fed up with the tired old politics.

“I offer the most innovative programme cutting across the old party tribalism. Please consider voting Social Democrat at the election on December 12.”

Clare Aspinall will be standing for the Brexit Party in Warrington South.

Warrington Guardian:

Clare Aspinall

The Brexit Party says Labour’s plans to put Brexit back to the people in a second referendum is an ‘insult to democracy’.

Ms Aspinall has highlighted her mission to campaign for mental health support, protecting the green belt and a new hospital in the town.

Recently, she said: “I think people are keen to see a newer, fresher Parliament, more direct democracy.

“People voted to leave the EU and democracy should be respected – that referendum should be respected and we should leave the EU and all that entails.

“I honestly believe that people deserve a choice, there are plenty of people that are disillusioned with the Labour Party that would not feel comfortable voting for the Conservative Party.”