PEOPLE opted to vote Leave in the EU referendum partly due to ‘massive inequalities’ in the town, according to the Green Party’s Warrington North candidate.

Lyndsay McAteer won just 619 votes in the constituency, which amounted to 1.3 per cent of the vote, in the 2017 general election.

But the politician says she is aiming for up to 6,000 votes on December 12.

Despite backing Remain, Ms McAteer said a lot of changes are needed to the European Union and does not believe it is a ‘perfect organisation’.

She said: “The Green Party position moving forward would be a second, confirmatory referendum – either to vote for the deal on the table or to vote to stay in the European Union.”

Ms McAteer believes part of the reason for people voting Leave was down to the ‘massive inequalities’ in the borough.

The Greens are calling for an ‘immediate end’ to developer Satnam’s plans to build on Peel Hall.

Ms McAteer said: “All of us need a place that we can go to wind down and reconnect with nature.

“Green spaces like Peel Hall are essential for our physical health and mental wellbeing.

“Peel Hall needs to be removed from the local plan.

“The Labour-led borough council needs to be called to account so that the area can be protected from future development.”

Ms McAteer also highlighted the impact of austerity, as well as poverty in the area.

“There are many people in Warrington that are struggling to make ends meet,” she added.

“The Green Party would scrap universal credit and introduce a universal basic income for everyone.

“This would lift people out of poverty and ensure that everyone has financial security.

“In addition, the Green New Deal would create new jobs in renewable energy, transport and land management.”