THE Liberal Democrat Warrington North candidate has warned Brexit will not ‘go away’ for the next 10 years if people don’t vote for his party.

The party won 2.5 per cent of the vote in the constituency in 2017, 4.1 per cent in 2015 and 20.8 per cent in 2010.

David Crowther, who is standing for the party on December 12, hopes he can ‘get somewhere towards’ 20 per cent this time around.

The Bewsey resident discussed the party’s controversial policy to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit if it secured power.

But he believes a People’s Vote is a ‘far more sensible way’ forward for the country and discussed the anger from those who backed Leave in 2016.

He said: “I think if we can prevent the Conservatives from getting enough seats and can have a People’s Vote, I think we can then have a very considerable input as to what’s going to happen.

“I accept that lots of people are annoyed about lots of things.

“At times, I’m not quite sure why some people are so frustrated when it was never clear what, actually, they were voting for.

“I certainly acknowledge that they are annoyed.

“The situation we have got ourselves in is if the electorate don’t vote for Liberal Democrats and we don’t revoke then Brexit is not going to go away for the next 10 years.”

Mr Crowther also discussed the Peel Hall site.

He said: “I think the idea of what the developers are putting forward for Peel Hall is absolutely ridiculous.”

And Mr Crowther believes a new hospital for the town is ‘absolutely vital’ and says the ‘right site needs to be found’.

He added: “It is clear that despite the amazingly hard work done by all the medical staff and everyone else there, the building itself is no longer fit for purpose.”