RESIDENTS registered to vote have been told they will have no problem casting their vote in the general election following polling card errors.

People across the town have been receiving their cards ahead of the vote on December 12.

But concerns have been raised over a ‘major error’, with residents raising the issue with Warrington Borough Council and the Electoral Commission.

Some residents have reported not receiving a card, despite others in the same home receiving one – with one, who lives in Warrington South, saying she was told if it does not arrive in the post then she ‘would not get one’.

She says the bigger picture in the ‘knife-edge’ election is worrying.

“For the elderly who might prop up their cards as a reminder to vote and like to take it with them to vote, it is worrying that they, like me, might not receive one,” she added.

It has also been confirmed that people have received polling cards with the wrong polling station on.

Some residents in Stretton said their polling card stated the location of their polling station was in Westbrook and, subsequently, applied for new ones.

Council chief executive Steven Broomhead has been alerted to the issue.

He said: “There was an error where upon printing the polling cards, the incorrect address for some polling stations was included.

“This affected fewer than five per cent of the cards, was identified quickly and new polling cards with the correct information were reprinted overnight.

“We have been in contact with the Electoral Commission, who are satisfied that we have taken every step necessary to resolve the situation.

“Polling cards which specify they have been reissued are valid and we are confident that this issue has been properly rectified.

“We would like to reassure all residents that if you have registered to vote, you will have no problem in casting your vote in the general election.

“If you know you have registered, there is no need to contact us as you do not need your polling card to be able to vote.”