LABOUR’S Warrington North parliamentary candidate is vowing to ‘stand up’ for residents and insists the party is not taking any votes for granted.

Charlotte Nichols, aged 28, will battle for the seat in the general election.

It comes after Helen Jones announced she will not be standing as she is retiring after 22 years as MP in the constituency.

Ms Nichols was brought up in Reading and was based in London at the time of her selection.

But she said she has spent all of her adult life, barring the last year, in the north west.

Since being created in 1983, the Warrington North seat has always been held by Labour but Ms Nichols confirmed the party is not taking any votes in the area for granted.

Furthermore, she said she has been ‘heartened’ by the support since being announced as candidate.

Warrington Guardian:

Charlotte Nichols

Ms Nichols said relationships in Warrington Labour haven’t been the ‘most harmonious’ over the last 10 to 15 years but believes a ‘fresh start’ is key to getting the best for the town.

In the scenario where Labour wins the election and negotiates a new deal before putting it back to the people in another vote, she says she would hope to support a credible Labour deal.

The politician highlighted the importance of securing a ‘good’ Brexit deal, which does not put the rights of workers at risk, or the NHS up for sale.

She said: “From the conversations that I’ve been having with people, I don’t think people have changed their mind (about Brexit) and, ultimately, if I’m lucky enough to be elected as the MP for Warrington, I’m here to stand up for the views of people in Warrington.”

Ms Nichols also discussed the abuse she has faced on social media.

“Unfortunately, there has been a long-running harassment campaign against me where people have either completely chopped the context out of things that I’ve said previously, or wilfully misinterpreted what I’ve said to try and spin it into something else,” she said.

And she confirmed there have been ‘derogatory’ comments made about her faith since she converted to Judaism.

In relation to anti-Semitism in the party, Ms Nichols highlighted the importance of ‘rebuilding trust’ between the Jewish community and Labour, particularly Jewish members in the party and making sure they feel the system is ‘one that is working’.

Aside from Brexit, she was keen to highlight Peel Hall, social care and the need for a new hospital in the borough.

She added: “I absolutely, unequivocally oppose the development of Peel Hall.

“I think that there is the need for more affordable housing in Warrington but what is being proposed there isn’t the type of housing or the quality of housing that the area needs.”

And the politician believes Jeremy Corbyn should step down as Labour leader if the party fails to secure power on December 12.