VOTING for the Brexit Party in seats like Warrington North could let Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street ‘through the back door’, according to Tory candidate Wendy Maisey.

The politician, who lives in Lowton, also claims the Labour leader’s agenda would ‘ruin the country’.

Ms Maisey voted Leave in the EU referendum in 2016.

She is backing the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal and believes getting Brexit done would allow the country to thrive and move onto other ‘fantastic initiatives’.

And Ms Maisey warned the public that a vote for the Brexit Party, in seats like Warrington North, could pave the way for Mr Corbyn to come into Downing Street ‘through the back door’ following the general election on December 12.

She said: “I think there’s a sense out there, particularly over Brexit and over a candidate being parachuted in, that there seems to be a mood within Labour voters that they are being taken for granted.

“This is going to be the most unpredictable election within my lifetime for sure.

“So much has changed again from 2017 and, also, the way the Labour Party has changed as well has influenced how people vote here.

“I am offering an alternative, I am a business leader in Warrington.

“I have been bringing prosperity and employment to Warrington for over 23 years, I am engrained within the community through some of the charities and everything else.

“The only concern I have about Brexit is the ongoing delays, as a business owner we’ve had the goalposts moved so many times, we’ve prepared so many times.”

Ms Maisey also believes the UK will still have a ‘fantastic relationship’ with EU countries if it leaves the 28-member bloc.

And she claims it is an ‘absolute myth’ that the council is being ‘forced’ to build on green belt land by the Government.

Furthermore, she highlighted the Peel Hall site.

She said: “My stance on Peel Hall is exactly the same as my stance on the majority of green belt, now I appreciate it isn’t green belt, obviously.

“We have so much brownfield that we can use in the Warrington area, we should not be considering building houses on green belt.”