WARRINGTON North’s Brexit Party candidate says she got involved in politics after reacting with ‘horror’ over the behaviour of politicians.

Elizabeth Babade is from High Wycombe but confirmed she will move to the town if she secures the seat on December 12.

Commenting on what made her get involved in politics, she said: “I just looked at what the politicians were doing with horror.

“Every day there were more horrible headlines and I just thought to myself, you can’t leave it to them.

“So I decided to jump in and, as God would have it, the Brexit Party had just started and it was just a match made in heaven.”

Ms Babade shared her views on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal negotiated following lengthy talks with the UK and EU.

“My preference is for us to leave when we (UK and EU) are both at arms length, then we can negotiate an agreement, which I think would be beneficial to both of us, which is fair,” she said.

“Between remain, the current deal, and Boris Johnson’s deal, I’d say the deal we have now is better in the sense that we can leave.

“Boris’s deal does not allow us to leave and then we get tied into the EU, we keep paying certain amounts of money, even after we have left technically.”

Ms Babade also confirmed she has received abuse on social media.

She said: “I have even been threatened, ‘don’t come into Warrington, don’t you dare campaign here’.

“But I just try and brush such things aside.”

And the politician discussed whether she believes divisions in the country can be healed.

She added: “If I am going to be very honest with you, Brexit, yes, we need to get it done but the biggest challenge for me, once we have got a handle on the local issues in Warrington, is really how to get the country back together again.

“The disunity in the United Kingdom now is just palpable, so we really need to start talking and I think the first thing is politicians need to get rid of the anger, the insults, the abuse that is going on.”