THE town’s UKIP branch and pro-Brexit campaigners have backed the Tory candidate in Warrington South ahead of the general election.

UKIP Warrington – which is not fielding candidates in the town – has recommended UKIP supporters vote for Tory Andy Carter in Warrington South and the Brexit Party’s Elizabeth Babade in Warrington North.

Chairman Ian Wilson said: “In general, UKIP shares the same ethos and goals as the Brexit Party.

“So, it’s our natural and default position to favour Brexit Party candidates where no UKIP candidate is standing.

“Both parties are in agreement that the deal that Boris Johnson has agreed with the EU is not substantially different to the one that was so roundly rejected by Parliament earlier this year.

“Nevertheless, because of our dysfunctional first past the post electoral system, a two-party system is imposed on the UK, and we know that we will soon have either a Tory or a Labour PM.

“The Warrington South constituency is in a unique position of being a finely balanced marginal seat, with only two likely outcomes.

“It is our belief that Brexit candidates could take enough votes to make a material impact on the final result and so the advice that we give to UKIP supporters is on this occasion, and in these circumstances, to vote tactically.”

On social media, Warrington 4 Brexit has urged senior Brexit Party figures to ‘get behind Boris’ and ‘stop this Leave splitting vote’.

It believes it is time to ‘forget party politics’ and back the Conservatives in the town to get Brexit delivered.

And it said its ‘best bet’ to remove Labour from the Warrington North and Warrington South seats is to back the Tories.

However, in a statement the group claims it has not ‘officially endorsed’ the Tories, or the Brexit Party.

But it confirmed it is united against Labour and a second referendum with Remain on the ballot paper, as well as the Liberal Democrats’ revoke policy.

Group member Jackie Leotardi added: “We are determined to see the 2016 referendum result honoured.

“Individual members, such as myself and Sally Bate, one of the co-founders of the group, are actively supporting the Conservatives as we consider that with the first past the post system, the only way to secure Brexit is to vote tactically and support the biggest Leave party.

“However, other group members are supporting the Brexit Party. All members are obviously free to campaign as they see fit.”

But independent borough councillor Dan Price, who quit Labour earlier this year, has slammed the campaign group after it urged people to ‘get behind Boris’ and back the Conservatives.

He said: “Warrington 4 Brexit have shown their true colours and their honesty is welcomed – though, clearly, it’s no longer a cross-party group.

“We now know, supporting Warrington 4 Brexit, means supporting the Conservatives.

“That’s the same Conservatives that have run down public services and ignored the country’s problems – events which contributed to why people narrowly voted to Leave in 2016.

“What saddens me is, Warrington 4 Brexit believe they’re helping our town by supporting the Tories in this election, but in reality they’re giving them a free pass for the damage they’ve already caused, and they’re helping deliver a Brexit deal that will ruin our manufacturing and engineering sector, along with the thousands of well-paid, secure jobs within it – it’s unbelievably misguided.”

Parliamentary candidates in Warrington South have been busy updating residents on their campaign through social media.

Mr Carter says a vote for the Tories will ‘get Brexit done’ and allow focus to be placed on on protecting the green belt, police, schools and NHS.

But Labour’s Faisal Rashid, who is hoping to retain the seat, says only Labour can rebuild the NHS and that ‘people are sick’ of Tory austerity.