THE Brexit Party’s candidate for Warrington South has told voters leaving the EU without a deal would not see the UK ‘fall off a cliff’.

Clare Aspinall, who lives in Shropshire where she is a councillor, says she is familiar with the town and that her family are big Warrington Wolves fans.

“We would have moved here but my daughter has ASD, so she is at a special school and that is the only reason we don’t live in Warrington,” she said.

Ms Aspinall is calling for a ‘clean break’ from the EU – and confirmed she would rather remain in the 28-member bloc than leave with the Prime Minister’s deal.

She said: “I think people are keen to see a newer, fresher Parliament, more direct democracy.

“People voted to leave the EU and democracy should be respected – that referendum should be respected and we should leave the EU and all that entails.

“The negotiating done so far has not been fantastic, let’s be honest.

“We shouldn’t have removed no deal off the table because it weakens your hand.”

Ms Aspinall believes there would not be a ‘huge economic hit’ if the UK left without a deal, adding ‘we are not going to fall off a cliff’.

She also highlighted her mission to campaign for mental health support, protecting the green belt and a new hospital in the town.

The politician said the green belt is ‘vitally important’ for wildlife and people’s wellbeing.

She was also pressed on whether she believes the Brexit Party could split the vote in Warrington South and pave the way for Labour to secure the seat ahead of the Tories.

“I honestly believe that people deserve a choice, there are plenty of people that are disillusioned with the Labour Party that would not feel comfortable voting for the Conservative Party,” she added.