THE compassion, professionalism and dedication of the unsung heroes who meet patients and families in some of their darkest hours were honoured in the Hospital Hero award.

The accident and emergency department of Warrington Hospital received multiple nominations for the tireless work that its dedicated team carries out every hour of the day and every day of the year.

There was particular praise for Sister Rachel Lamb in her efforts to care for a woman who had attempted suicide, working outside long shifts and abandoning her own plans to provide desperately needed support.

The team was also nominated for rallying to help a dementia patient when she was admitted to hospital on the day of her husband’s funeral, making arrangements to ensure that with their support and the help of an iPhone she could watch her husband being laid to rest.

But for the modest recipients of the award, it’s all just part of a day’s work.

Alison Crawford, lead nurse for urgent care, said: “We’re absolutely gobsmacked because to us, we’re just going to work every day to do our job. The fact that the public nominated us for an award just means more than anything, it means that it’s the patients’ choice.”

Warrington Guardian:

Sally Richardson, clinical lead for urgent care, said: “This is an award for all of our staff, including the porters, the housekeepers, the receptionists – we’re all part of a great team and we all work together to do the best for our patients. It’s amazing, and it’s from the public which means more to us really.”

Jade Robinson, assistant manager, said: “Watching the staff, especially now during the winter pressures, is absolutely amazing and just highlights how much hard work, and dedication the staff all put in day to day."

Sharron Neilson, A&E nurse, added: “The team work so hard, but they love their job and they come to work every day because they love their job which is so important. We’re so delighted to receive this.”